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  • Ayala Bar

    Ayala Bar

    We are delighted to be UK stockists for stunning artisan jewellery by Israeli Designer Ayala Bar. Inspiration is drawn from her family roots and each piece is individual and exquisitely hand made...New collections in every six months

  • Bensimon


    Bensimon Tennis Shoes are made from 100% natural materials -  cotton canvas & rubber. They are also affordable, super stylish and practical. We love the colours and vibe of these pumps. They now have a pretty big range of styles including laceless, high top and printed floral/Libertyesque limited editions.

    The Tennis Shoe collection is only a part of a larger Lifestyle Brand which began life in 1945 when Serge Bensimon's Grandfather began importing second-hand clothing from the U.S.A to France. Serge continued to develop the family business and founded Bensimon Surplus, followed by Bensimon Apparel in the 1980s. 

    Now sold as a luxury brand their range includes clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and textiles. We're super happy to sell these lovely pumps! :)

  • Compania Fantastica

    Compania Fantastica

    Fresh new Spanish clothing label offering fantastic quality and design and great value for money. Bright, fun and playful fashion

  • Desigual


    Top Spanish fashion designer who we absolutely LOVE in eclectica. Distinctive, different and never dull. Often quirky, always colourful & with a huge range to choose from

  • Fikkerts Health & Beauty

    Fikkerts Health & Beauty

    Fikkerts is a family run business based in Keighley, Yorkshire, UK. They first established 100 yrs ago as the Chemist and Allied Trading Company and their product range included cough mixtures, liniments and a fascinating sounding herbal laxative. Over the years they've grown & diversified and now produce a wide range of health & beauty products including hand creams, bath essences, foot creams and gorgeous scented candles. Their products are made and distributed from the UK and all contain natural ingredients, retaining the fragrance of an English country garden. 

  • Focus by JJ

    Focus by JJ

    A Canadian Fashion House specializing in casual, easy to wear everyday clothing. simple & elegant designs in cottons, linens and natural fibres. Most of their clothing goes through the garment dye process and so is pre washed and pre shrunk. Their collections all work wonderfully well together and feature lovely textures and block colours and stripes.

  • Haris Cotton

    Haris Cotton

    Inspired by Greek nature, defined by airy styles and crafted from natural fabrics - committed to sustainability. All Haris Cotton garments are made in Greece, designed and produced in-house in Athens.

  • Heyland & Whittle

    Heyland & Whittle

    Heyland & Whittle are a long established UK based, award winning company. They are best known for creating beautiful natural products in the traditional way 

  • Konplott


    Konplott was founded in 1986 by Miranda Konstantinidou. We fell in love with her wonderful designs and excellent quality immediately and are delighted to stock a small selection of her amazing jewellery. Each piece is exquisite and carefully hand crafted in Miranda's base, Cebu, the Philippines.

    Miranda's talent, inspiration and imagination are captured in exciting limited edition collections, released twice a year.  Every piece is guaranteed for a year and Konplott Jewellery is made from many & varied materials including mixed metals, Swarovski crystal and guaranteed nickel free & hypo allergenic.

    Whether you are looking for small eye catching everyday wear studs or a truly special statement piece for a special day, Konplott fits the bill.

  • Létol


    These unique jacquard scarves are designed and woven in an artisanal atelier in the South of France, made of organic cotton and washed with the famous 'Savon de Marseille' - traditional vegetable oil hand soap which has been produced for nearly 600 years. Each year Létol introduces two collections of scarves with delicate line, rich colours and original patterns. 

    Sustainably made & eco friendly as well as utterly beautiful



    'Live Beautifully' is the motto of Matt & Nat, founded in Montreal in 1995. Committed to not using leather or any animal based products in their designs, they continue to explore and utilize innovative ways to improve sustainability & eco friendliness, while still producing high quality & timeless products.

    Since 2007 the linings of all their bags and purses have been made from re-cycled plastic bottles and today they re-cycle over nine million plastic bottles annually in the manufacturing of their bags.

  • Mousqueton


    FREE UK POSTAGE! Mousqueton is a fun Breton style clothing label, designed in Brittany founded in 2003. Their original idea was to revisit traditional Breton clothing without moving away from its principal functions. Thus, they have produced a clothing range, including amazing dungarees which are flattering and functional and have a distinctive marine/coastal vibe. 
    The company pays great attention to its choice of fabrics, using mainly cotton canvas and cotton knits, or wool/acrylic mixes for their jumpers. The cotton canvas used in their jackets is extremely strong and hard-wearing yet, due to their technique of stone washing, it feels soft to the touch. 
  • Mt Romance

    Mt Romance

    Pioneers in the sustainability of pure Australian sandalwood and skilled and experienced producers of outstanding beauty products. Found by eclectica on a remarkable trip to Western Australia - We HAD to stock these amazing products

  • Orientique


    Beautiful quality sustainable fashion from Orientique, one of Australia's best known labels. Bright and bold cotton printed fabrics and elegant, eminently wearable designs

  • Ottoman Hands Jewellery

    Ottoman Hands Jewellery

    London based company specialising in 21 carat gold jewellery, hand crafted by artisans skilled at reinventing traditional Ottoman Turkish designs, using semi precious gemstones  

  • Soruka


    FAIR TRADE All bags and purses are handmade in India in small artisan workshops who might otherwise struggle in competition with mass produced goods. Soruka's partnership with them creates jobs in low income environments and preserves generational craftsmanship. All employees are over 18yrs of age, trained and paid above minimum wage requirements. 

    HAND MADE Every bag and purse is cut and stitched by skilled, caring artisans. Little machinery is used, keeping energy consumption low. Designs are timeless and each bag is a lovingly made unique piece of leather art.

    FAIR PRICE Because of the direct working relationship with producers there are minimal 'middleman' costs involved meaning fewer mark ups on the way to you the customer, resulting in a fair price.

    RE-CYCLED MATERIALS Aimed at a zero waste policy and reducing landfill & energy consumption all Soruka bags are made from scraps left over - factory waste. As Soruka utilize 'dead stock' traditionally thrown away by manufacturers each and every bag is unique whilst at the same time contributing to a more sustainable, better future.