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Silver & Gemstone

A collection of striking and unusual pieces that have caught Vicki and Jodies' eye. Sourced from across the UK, the one thing they have on common is they are gorgeous.

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  • Australian Opal Ring


    A lovely ring - Silver setting and shank with a very pretty Australian Opal. Irregular shape - loosely based on a triangle with curved edges.

    The colour of this stone reminds me of a tropical sea - looking down onto a coral reef, full of sparkling colour and life.

    Opal is is said to take its name from the Sanskrit 'upala' meaning 'jewel' and later, the Greek  'opellios' meaning 'to see a change in colour'.

    UK ring size : S

    US ring size 9

    Stone dimensions: approx 1.5cm x 0.75cm

  • Amber and Silver Triangle...


    This is an absolutely beautiful example of Baltic Amber.  Cut and polished into a triangular shape, it's a very deep, dark caramel colour and full of tiny inclusions which look like reddish moss and fern like structures. I'm constantly amazed at the wonder of nature. Such a gorgeous piece of jewellery crafted from millions of years old tree resin containing fauna from an ancient Baltic pine forest :))

    Silver snake chain approx 20cm

    Dimensions of pendant: Approx 3cm x 2cm 

  • Amber and Silver Teardrop...


    Very pretty Amber and Silver studs. Teardrop shaped amber gems set into a silver basket like setting. Deep, rich golden Baltic amber full of lovely darker inclusions. It resembles caramelised sugar when in fact is millions of years old tree resin with bits of flora and fauna that got trapped as the resin set :))

    These will make someone a very special gift.

    Read more about Baltic Amber on our blog

    dimensions: Approx 1cm x 0.5 cm


  • Oval Silver and Golden...


    A favourite of Vicki's...Beautiful Baltic Amber. Lovely oval cabochon rich with reddish inclusions and set into silver. Classic shape, always elegant and finger lengthening.

    Great tone and depth to this Amber, originating from ancient coniferous forests, millions of years ago! Astonishing how beautiful nature is...

    Read more about beautiful Baltic Amber on our blog

    Ring size:

    UK N/O

    US 7

    Dimensions of Amber: Approx 1.5cm x 1cm

  • Square Golden Amber and...


    Always love a square cut gemstone, be it in a ring or earrings :)) These lovely chunks of Golden Baltic Amber are set into silver settings with silver hook thrus. Great quality Amber, full of rich colour and depth and containing lots of captured flora and fauna of old. I always have to remind myself Amber is millions of years old tree resin and full of bugs and bits of twigs! :))

    Read more about beautiful Baltic Amber on our blog

    Dimensions: Drop: Approx 3cm

    Amber: Approx 1cm x 1cm 

  • Oval Golden Baltic Amber...


    Classic oval cabochons of Amber set into silver hook dangles. We spotted these because of the fabulously clear inclusions of plant life within the Amber. It's amazing to think this was once oozing pine tree resin in a northern coniferous forest, millions of years ago...

    As a biogenic gemstone - (originating from an ancient organism) there is always a wonderful positive feel to Amber

    Take a read of our blog for more info about beautiful Baltic Amber


    Drop: Approx 3cm

    Amber: 1.5cm x0.75cm

  • Three colour Amber and...


    Silver stud thru dangle earrings set with three coloured Baltic Amber gems. A contemporary design - looking like traffic lights in red, green and light yellow/amber :)) They are superb quality silver and beautiful pieces of amber. A very neat design suitable for everyday wear.

    Hard to imagine these as tree resin originating from an ancient pine tree, millions of years ago!

    Find out more about Amber on our blog

    Dimensions: 2cm x 0.5cm

  • Two colour Amber and Silver...


    Incredibly pretty and elegant silver eurowire dangle earrings. Two silver twisted tulip stems, intertwined with one golden and one red amber 'flower head'. Lovely design and craftsmanship. The Baltic Amber is high quality  - a rich golden amber full of darker inclusions and a rich claret, clear red amber. Hard to believe this is tree resin, formed millions of years ago in a coniferous pine forest...


    Drop: Approx 4cm

    Amber: Approx 0.5cm x 1cm

  • Long Amber and Silver Earrings


    Incredibly elegant long silver and amber dangles with euro-wire closing thru ear. Triangular shaped golden amber, the colour of rich honeycomb is set into a spoon like basket. Lots of interesting inclusions in the amber - a lovely tactile feel to these.

    Read more about beautiful Baltic amber on our blog


    Drop: Approx 4.5cm

    Amber: Approx 2cm x 1cm

  • Large Amber and Silver ring


    ADJUSTABLE Silver ring set with large, stunning golden Baltic Amber. A decorative 'double' shank and silver wirework, basket setting with a decorative leaf. The piece of amber has been expertly shaped and polished to reveal numerous dark inclusions. Cleverly angled, the 'gem' has a real depth. A stunning piece! Baltic Amber created from the resin of ancient pine forests - millions of years ago!

    Read more about beautiful Baltic Amber on our blog

    Approx dimensions: 3.5cms x 2cms

  • Ammolite and Silver Ring


    Beautiful silver ring set with a rare Ammolite. Tactile feel and shaped gemstone with a myriad of iridescent rainbow colours. Made from the nacre - inside of shells from ancient marine ammonites from about 71 million years ago! This gemstone is very rare, only found in Western Canada. A beautiful example that really catches the light.

    UK ring size P/Q

    US ring size 8

    Dimensions of gemstone: Approx 2cm x 1cm

  • Square Ammolite Earrings


    Lovely square cut Ammolites set into silver hook thru dangle earrings. A rainbow of iridescent colours sparkling at your ears. Incredibly rare biogenic gemstone originating from Alberta in Western Canada only. Made from nacre - the inside of the shells of Ammonites - marine creatures from around 71 million years ago...WOW! Mind blowing :))

    A real positive, feel good feeling with this lovely gemstone.

    Dimensions: Approx 1cm x 1cm