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Fikkerts Health & Beauty

Fikkerts Health & Beauty

Fikkerts is very much a family business, based in Keighley, Yorkshire, UK.  With over 100 years trading, they're a well established and well respected company. Originally formed as the Chemist & Allied Trading Company, specialising in natural herbal remedies, including the fascinating sounding Neoklenze Herbal Laxative, they have continued to develop and evolve, now producing some wonderful bath, body & beauty products. Always diversifying they also make wonderful scented candles for the home which continue to capture the fragrance of an English country garden.

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  • Fikkerts Green Tea Hand Cream


    FIKKERTS Green Tea Hand Cream

    A gently fragranced, moisturising hand cream that leaves hands and nails feeling nourished. Aromatic, oil of green tea extract infused with citrus mandarin and mint. Lovely natural ingredients all conjured up in Yorkshire by a family business, established over 100 years ago.

    Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

    Tube is made from 100% recyclable aluminium and box FSC approved cardboard.

  • Fikkerts Amber Hand Cream


    FIKKERTS Amber hand cream

    Divine scent of warm black amber with notes of jasmine, lily and coconut. A somewhat addictive scent which last for hours.

    75ml (2.5 FL.OZ) of beautifully moisturising hand cream, infused with beneficial plant butters and vitamin E. Easily absorbed, it softens skin and is fantastic when gently massaged into dry nails after washing.

    A family business, Fikkerts make vegan friendly, cruelty free hand creams.

    100% recyclable aluminium tube and FSC approved cardboard.  

  • Fikkerts Green Tea Body Wash


    Fikkerts Green Tea Body Wash

    300 ml (10 fl. oz) of refreshingly scented bubbles bursting with notes of green tea infused with bergamot oil.

    Made in Yorkshire by Fikkerts, a family firm established over 100 years ago and still producing high quality, beautiful toiletries.

    Perfect for shower or bath, pump a small amount onto skin or a flannel and sponge yourself all over. This body wash leaves your skin fresh, cleansed and beautifully rehydrated.

    Vegan friendly, cruelty free and bottle recyclable :)

  • Fikkerts Jasmine Body Wash


    Fikkerts Jasmine Body Wash

    300ml (10fl. oz) of gloriously sweet floral jasmine bubbles for your shower or bath. Cleanses and nourishes skin leaving your body wonderfully rehydrated and smelling of jasmine with a hint of earthy & seductive patchouli.

    All natural ingredients, vegan friendly and cruelty free & made by a family firm from Yorkshire.

    Bottle fully recyclable too :)

  • Fikkerts Thomas Crapper...


    100ml (3.5 Fl.oz) of gorgeous scent from Fikkerts.

    Fikkerts family business have been making gorgeous toiletries in Yorkshire for over 100 years and their Thomas Crapper range for men is enduringly popular.

    Earthy ginseng, vanilla bean infused with delicate herbs and sensual musk with warm amber.....Mmmm.... A lovely blend of natural ingredients which last all day long. Spray sparingly on pulse points.

    A vegan friendly, cruelty free product with a 36 month shelf life. FDA approved cardboard packaging.

  • Fikkerts Thomas Crapper...


    A blend of sensual musk, warm amber & vanilla, infused with delicate herbs & floating upon a wave of earthy ginseng.

    Yorkshire man Thomas Crapper was a clever, creative man whose name is synonymous with the most personal room in the house!

    His reputation for superior quality won him numerous Royal Warrants and his baths and lavatories a place in the most palatial homes!  Fikkerts' new Thomas Crapper range brings a little piece of such luxury to any bathroom.

  • Fikkerts Kitchen Garden...


    If you are serious about gardening then you will know that at times it can be really hard work...that means aching muscles and tired limbs and the need for a long soak.  Relax in a long hot bath with some of Fikkerts traditional mustard bath salts and you will feel your hard work was worthwhile. Warming, relaxing and revitalising - they really work!

  • Fikkerts Kitchen Garden...


    This STUNNING bath essence with suspended botanicals will look beautiful in the bathroom and has a divine fragrance. Made with luxurious coconut oil it leaves the skin silky soft and smooth.

  • Fikkerts Kitchen Garden...


    Fikkerts Kitchen Garden soap - 85g bar  - A little bar of gorgeousness to pop by your kitchen sink for when you've been in the garden :)

    Made with refined coconut and palm oils blended with cracked walnut and oatmeal to exfoliate your skin, remove dirt and dead skin cells whilst toning & restoring suppleness.

    NOT tested on animals

  • Fikkerts Kitchen Garden...


    A pure natural lip salve containing beeswax which will soften and protect the lips from the sun and wind. Perfect as a protection when gardening, but an essential item in any handbag or rucksack to protect your lips from the elements whenever you find yourself outdoors. 

  • Fikkerts Kitchen Garden...


    Fikkerts Kitchen Garden range is just delightful & this hand lotion is great for dried up gardening hands :)

    This soothing and enriching hand lotion is made with jojoba and sweet almond oil which moisturises and protects your skin.  It is rich but light and easily absorbed leaving hands delicately fragranced.  Arnica extract helps to regenerate tired, damaged skin and makes this a must for hard working hands. 

  • Fikkerts Green Tea Scented...


    Fikkerts Fruits of Nature Green Tea candle in a tin with handle - pure soya wax candle with the wonderfully warm, sensuous fragrance of rich Amber. Perfect for relaxing & unwinding after a stressful day...

    A scented candle is the perfect way to create an ambiance, personalise a room or simply reflect your mood. Made from pure soya wax this candle will provide hours of uplifting fragrance and a magical finishing touch to your home.

    Makes a wonderful gift :)

    Approx 50hrs burn time