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  • Ethiopian Opal Ring


    Opal - October birthstone

    Lovely white Ethiopian Opal Arrowhead cabochon with lots of colour inside set into a rhodium plated silver ring. Also known as Welo Opals, stones were first discovered in Ethiopia in 1994 and it now rivals Australia for quality stones.

    Read more about Ethiopian Opals here

    UK size Q

  • Big Metal London Franca Ring


    Wonderfully quirky resin ring in sky blue colour with three gold coloured metal domes by Big Metal London. We are loving the fun of Big Metal's resin costume jewellery made from upcycled sunglasses frames. Designed in London and sustainable and ethical, seriously funky costume jewellery. 

    UK size O

    Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free

  • Big Metal London Alessia Ring


    Gloriously bonkers costume jewellery by Big Metal London. This quirky resin ring in baby pink colour is great fun with gold circular dome detail. Eye catching & FUN! :))

    Ethically & sustainably made from recycled materials.

    UK size O

  • Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Rings


    Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Ring

    Lapis - the Latin word for 'stone' and Lazuli from the Arabic for 'heavens' or 'sky' - Sky Stone then :))

    A beautiful deep rich blue with wonderful gold flecks just like a galaxy of stars in an evening sky. Ground up into powder, Lapis Lazuli's blue pigment, Ultra Marine, was used by some of the most famous painters of the Renaissance, Titian, Vermeer and often used to depict the clothing of the Virgin Mary.

    Stone approx 2cm x 1cm

    UK Size P

  • Lapis Lazuli Oblong Ring


    Lapis Lazuli small Oblong silver ring

    Neat, contemporary square cut Lapis Lazuli set into a sterling silver ring. Beautiful dark blue stone with a dusting of gold flecks. Lapis Lazuli has been loved and used for adornment for centuries. Renaissance painters Vermeer and Titian used the blue pigment ultramarine made from crushed up Lapis Lazuli :))

    UK size M

    Stone approx 0.5cm x 0.75cm

  • Chakra Stones Round Ring


    Seven Chakra Stone Circle ring

    Lovely rhodium plated sterling silver ring set with seven beautiful crystals. Each corresponds to the colour associated with the seven main Chakras, or energy centres, of the body. The crystals are: Iolite, Aqua Marine, Peridot, Citrine, Amethyst, Carnelian and Garnet.

    Read all about Chakras on our blog

    UK size N

    Approx diameter: 1cm

  • Troilite Teardrop Ring


    Troilite long Teardrop shaped ring.

    We recently found Troilite - A new stone for eclectica and this ring has a beauty. A gradation of faded blues with a very slightly mottled, textured finish. Found in Brazil, there's little information about this lovely blue stone other than it's made up of blue Tourmaline, Lithium, Lepidolite or Lazulite. Set in sterling silver shank.

    UK size P

    stone approx 3cm x1cm

  • Konplott Global Glam Ring


    OOH..Yes please! Gorgeous Konplott Ring from the Global Glam limited edition collection. Antique brass coloured Arrowhead edged with fretwork set with clear crystals. Fine wire strands criss cross the surface of the pyramidal arrowhead. Quirky design by Miranda Konstantinidou, sustainably handmade in her cooperative base in the Philippines.

    Great for gifting - Bespoke wrapping & one year guarantee

    Fully adjustable for a perfect fit

    Approx Dimensions: 6cm long x 2.5cm wide at widest point

  • Ottoman Hands Mati Gold Eye...


    Why not complete your ring stack with these quirky and stylish stackable rings. In an adjustable design, these handmade rings are decorated with evil eye details for that spiritual touch.

    Style this gold ring with its matching Mati Golden Eye Hoop Earrings. Ottoman Hands Mati Golden Eye Stacking Rings comes in one of our sustainable pouches made from washable paper and is ready to gift.

    21ct gold plated on recycled brass

    the bands are adjustable for a perfect fit