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  • Mt Romance Australian...


    Mt Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood Skin Damage Control Cream - 50ml - Great for a variety of skin issues & beautifully scented

  • Mt Romance Sandalwood Shampoo


    200ml Mt Romance shampoo - Our favourite hair product! Tried & tested on our barnets! EXCLUSIVE to eclectica of Ludlow in the UK.

    Team with the conditioner for AMAZING luscious locks scented by fresh Sandalwood

    This shampoo is a pH balanced and sulphate free formulation for all hair types. It soothes the scalp and leaves your hair fresh and shiny. You only need a tiny bit as it lathers up beautifully.

  • Mt Romance Sandalwood...


    200ml hair conditioner - EXCLUSIVE to eclectica of Ludlow in the UK

    Our favourite hair product! Use for utterly divine shiny, tangle free and gorgeous smelling hair

    This Mt Romance conditioner is a gentle PH balanced formula, that contains organic and indigenous certified Australian Sandalwood oil to restore body and eliminate tangles. 

    Sustainably grown pure Sandalwood product from Albany, Western Australia. 

    Suitable for all types of hair

  • Fikkerts Amber Wrapped Soap


    Fikkerts Pure Vegetable Amber Triple Milled Soap Bar

    Seriously sexy smelling hard bar soap from Fikkerts. Fragranced with woody Amber, it's rich, luxurious and pampering. Gives a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling wonderfully soft & smooth - A real treat. Lovely natural ingredients.

    Suitable for vegans, parabens free, no SLS, no Fikkerts products are tested on animals

  • Large Wire Star Decorations


    Shop ethically for Christmas with these gorgeous fair trade wire star Christmas nativity decorations make a stunning addition to any tree, especially if you have lights on your tree and let the light shine through the decorations.

    available in 3 colours - antique copper, gold and silver.

    Dimensions:  Large 100 x 105mm (also available in small)

  • Bensimon Perse Turquoise...


    BEautiful limited edition Bensimon Tennis lace up shoes. Gorgeous French styling - simple & oozing quality. The floral/Liberty styling on these in Turquoise blues & greens is stunning. Plus, they're made from 100% natural materials - They'll even go in your machine if you muck them up...

    Fantastic for summer! These look great with denim!

    fyi: 36 European size is UK size 3/3.5

  • £20 Gift Voucher


    We can post or email the gift voucher directly to the lucky recipient. Just pop your personalised message in the box.

  • Fikkerts Green Tea Scented...


    Fikkerts Fruits of Nature Green Tea scented candle in a tin. Super cute tin to re-use once your candle is used. Wonderfully calming, subtle & fresh fragrance to help soothe frayed nerves. 

    A scented candle is the perfect way to create an ambiance, personalise a room or simply reflect your mood. Made from pure soya wax, this candle will provide hours of uplifting fragrance and a magical finishing touch to your home. 

    Approx burn time: 24hrs

  • Fikkerts Tea Tree Face Wash


    Fikkerts Fruits of Nature, original remedies. Wonderful cleansing, mild foaming face wash suitable for everyday use. The Tea tree gently cleanses and refreshes the skin, natural moisturisers rehydrate and wheat protein creates an effective barrier to prevent the skin from drying out. Lovely natural ingredients.

    No SLS, no parabens. No Fikkerts products have been tested on animals. Suitable for vegans.

    Made in Yorkshire, UK.

  • Fikkerts Herbal Foot Cream


    Fikkerts Fruits of Nature Original Remedies Herbal Foot Cream

    Make time for some heel to toe pampering everyday with this rich moisturising foot cream containing coconut and jojoba oil. Packed full of natural ingredients that cool and deodorise, this cream will leave your feet feeling revived, refreshed and unashamedly soothed throughout the day.

    For external use only.

    Parabens free, no SLS, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals.

  • Hand Forged Steel Rose


    These hand-forged steel roses are made by The Grumpy Blacksmith in his forge in Gloucestershire. They are absolutely stunning and being handmade each one is slightly different - just like nature intended!

    Each rose measures 7.5 x 7.5 cms & the stems 33cms (approx)

  • Heyland & Whittle...


    It is recommended that after 6-9 months, the reed diffuser reeds will need replacing to ensure the room fragrance is drawn into the atmosphere effectively.

    This pack of 8 reeds is for use with a Heyland & Whittle 100ml room diffuser. Shop our selection here.